Our mission

We exist to multiply transformational hope in Montgomery, across Texas, & throughout the world.

Our core values


We dream of a gospel-centered movement of people seeking and finding hope in Christ and becoming disciple makers.   We believe that healthy churches plant healthy churches, and we will be urgent about this cause.

We believe that a biblical and healthy church is a multi-generational one.  We also believe this mindset strategically fits the community that God is sending us to reach.   This paradigm will inform every aspect of our church life.  We believe that, as we bring together both spiritual and physical generations, God will use this to strengthen our body and mobilize better equipped disciples.

We desire to seek and practice clarity in every aspect of our church.  We will work to craft and walk within a clear vision that intentionally communicates a clear path to Christ through the gospel and a clear discipleship process.  We also will pursue a continual leadership pipeline where servant leaders will be identified, affirmed, equipped, and sent out.

Gospel-Centered Living
There is no church without the gospel.  There is no hope without the gospel.  We desire to be faithful to these truths by pursuing an environment at our church where every aspect of life is centered around the gospel.  The gospel should inform every decision of both our personal life and our church life.  It should influence every personal and church decision we make.